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Talia Hanson's First Gloryhole Video

25 year old Talia Henson, may be new but she sure knows how to work those dicks to her favor. She came prepared to swallow as much cum as possible during her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER. Talia sucks dick like a demon and makes noises like she's possessed! Deep-throating is an artform for this girl and she gets to showcase it for the first time on her knees in our booth. Not a fan of bras or panties, Talia sports a pair of natural 34DDs and has a smooth pussy that gets wetter with every stranger's dick she sucks. She may have only just begun shooting porn, but she has had a good deal of practice before the cameras ever started rolling. Talia proves it by scoring 100% accuracy in draining every dick put in front of her cute face. Sucking and swallowing that much cum for the first time gets Talia so hot and bothered she takes her green dress off with one swift movement. At the end she says sucking all those dicks was better than what she had imagined before coming here. That's a pretty good reason (or two) to vote Talia Henson back, wouldn't you say? Get voting in the comments if you agree and we'll see how long it takes to get her back and stuffed on!
May 27, 2022
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Alex Kane's First Gloryhole Video

Petite 20 year old, Alex Kane, is ecstatic to start her gloryole debut. She is full of giggles as she goes down on her knees ready to suck a whole team of strangers' cocks. Alex rates herself a modest 7 out of 10 on the dick sucking scale but you'll quickly change your mind once you see her go to town on all those cocks. She has only ever sucked 5 dicks in a 24 hour span so we are delighted to see her beat some personal stats here today. Watch her use her special two-hand technique she tells us about during the interview as she sucks off and swallows a bunch of dudes' loads she has never even met before (or will ever meet again). Vote her back and watch Alex gulp down more cum next time. You'd never guess this was Alex’s first time in a gloryhole by watching her stellar performance on her knees. See for yourself when Alex Kane’s first gloryhole goes live in the classic gloryhole on!
May 20, 2022
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Angel A's First Gloryhole Video

Today we have Angel Gostosa at our glory hole. Angels a 19 year old hottie with a cute little body and she LOVES the taste of cum. Dressed in cute little cutoff shorts and a tank top, she drops to her knees and goes after cock number one with a sloppy, wet enthusiasm! Guy number one lasts just a few minutes before Angel gets her first taste and a bonus face glazing too!! She takes off her top and goes after guy number two, swallowing him greedily before taking off her shorts. We’ve got lots more guys to follow, so Angel is going to get her fill!
May 13, 2022
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Indica's Second Gloryhole Video

Indica is shining in the booth as she makes her SECOND GLORYHOLE DEBUT!! This will be her second gloryhole with us, but as she told us during her interview she is excited as ever to be back in the booth. Indica will be taking on some new challenges and today's challenge will be sucking and swallowing a team of stranger’s cum and showing us if she has improved since the last time. She only rates herself a modest 9.5 on the cock-sucking ten scale, but we know it's always the girls who don't brag who give the best performances. Watch Indica prove the theory correct once again as she racks up a perfect score on her knees today. We see her utilize her cocksucking technique in the beginning as she gets her first load within 4 minutes!! This girl is definitely a pro. Keep watching to see her catch load after load in that chamber of hers. Hint: it’s a lot!! We hope you can keep up. After she sucks off all her guys, Indica is so turned on she says her only wish is for more dicks. Do you want to see Indica come back and try to improve on what was already an impressive second debut? Tell us in the comments and we'll make sure Indica stays in action and comes back soon to!
April 29, 2022
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