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Chloe C's First Gloryhole Video

Chloe swoops down and is ready for action. We already know she’s a blooming starlet, in her FIRST GLORYHOLE EVER! She has never swallowed more than a few loads in the same day before. She gets started on her first cock going nice and slow and putting her technique to good use. She even goes into double strokes looking up with her penetrating blue eyes. Chloe makes herself gag over and over creating spit trails that go down her shirt. She told us during her interview that she loves sloppy blowjobs and trying to fit any cock down her throat, so we loved seeing her do what made her happy. In just under 4 minutes she gets the first load delivered onto her pretty little tongue. Chloe doesn't stay dressed for long in the booth and totally comes into her own once she is naked and sucking those strangers' dicks. You can tell she is a deep-throat expert and gives a supremely messy blowjob, complete with lots of throat yogurt. A mix of strangers' sperm and Chloe’s spit ends up in her ample bush by the time she is done draining the cum out of her faceless men on the other side of that wall. Confident in her abilities, Chloe rated herself a high 100 million on the cock-sucking ten scale. She does drain 100% of her gentlemen, so it may be hard to argue her score. However, members are always welcome to argue their points in the comments. You also get to decide whether or not Chloe gets to come back to suck off even more dicks next time, but that's probably more of a question of when rather than if. Remember where you saw her first,!
February 4, 2022
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Pristine's First Gloryhole Video

Pristine wastes no time getting that hard cock in her mouth. She has never swallowed more than one load before, so today is going to set a new all-time high record for her. Pristine loves dick and she devours them all at once. She gets down on her knees and starts sucking and swallowing her lineup of anonymous strangers on the other side of that wall. Not afraid to make noise, Pristine employs her hand to massage the cocks from the outside of her throat, and once they are deep down there, she gags loudly on them. She gets her first load within five minutes and plenty more after that! While her oral performance was extraordinary today, we're going to need to see more of what Pristine can do with that mouth of hers. At the very least, she can come back for more gloryhole fun. Tell us where and how you want to see her in the comments below and we'll work on making it happen here where dreams become reality,!
January 28, 2022
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Ashley W's First Gloryhole Video

Despite her expertise in the oral arts, this will be Ashley’s FIRST GLORYHOLE EXPERIENCE, ever! She is ecstatic to show off her oral skills. She rated herself an eight on the dick sucking ten scale but we know now that was a humble rating. What's beautiful about Ashley is she is such an unashamed cock demon. Her eyes light up when she talks about sucking and swallowing all that cum from the anonymous strangers on the other side of the wall. Fortunately we have provided her with a gracious amount of cock, so that will help her accomplish her goals today. You will be truly AMAZED at the amount of loads she manages to squeeze out of each guy before the end. Tell us your rating for Ashley in the comments and let us know if you want to see her back. We have a feeling it won't be too long before this smoke show is playing with more cocks again for another session in the booth on!
January 21, 2022
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Tommy's First Gloryhole Video

Tommy’s looking real cute in the gloryhole booth today. She's wearing a tight, pink spandex fit, as if she’s about to attend a pilates class. Perfect attire for her FIRST GLORYHOLE ever! She is checking off a lot of firsts in her budding porn career. Even though she has never been in a gloryhole before today, she tells us it is her favorite genre to watch. All those hours of homework she put in are about to pay off big. She doesn’t waste a moment getting on her knees, and reaches for the first dick to come out. Her record so far is swallowing four loads of cum in the same day, but she'll bury that number today. In just under four minutes Tommy has the first load in her cum chamber, and she’s showing it off like she has gotten a trophy. Luckily we are here to supply her with plenty more cum so she can leave feeling like a true rockstar. It's a pretty good bet she'll be back in the gloryhole in not too long as well, but that's ultimately up to you. Tell us what you like and what you want to see from Tommy if she comes back. Do you want to see her back up on some of the guys so she can take their loads in her pussy? The sky's the limit with this babe. Keep it locked here on!
January 7, 2022
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