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Our HD Video are available to members in the following resolutions.
MP4 1920 x 1080
MP4 1280 x 720
MP4 960 x540
MP4 480 x 270 (for smartphones)
FLV Stream HD 960 x 540
FLV Stream SD 576 x 324 (Great for traveling when you don't have a fast connection)

What is a Train

To "run a train" in sexual terms means that a group of men wait to have sex with one girl. Usually it does not qualify as a train unless there are more than 5 men involved but the term train is used to describe any number that is more than 1 with a female. The female has sex with a man and after he cums another man enters the room to have sex with the female and so forth. It is only considered a train when the woman is fully aware of the situation and allows for the men to have sex with her.
Differs and is often confused with gang bang. Train involves sex with one person at a time while gang bang is when a group of males having sex with a female at the same time.

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