Gina POV Video - Guy 5 (The Colonel)

Gina hides behind the couch as guy number 5 comes into the room. She is not only a sex machine, but is playful too. Gina sits back and talks to him as she plays with her pussy through her panties. She can't stop looking at his package. One of his fantasies is to rip off some stockings so he does just that. Gina lets him tear her thigh highs off her long toned legs. She stands on the bed and pulls down her panties and touches herself at the same time. She strips off his belt and jeans, she comments how he is the 4th guy that has not had underwear on. She takes his cock into her mouth and he gets hard for her. Gina takes his cock down her throat in several different positions. She jumps on his cock riding it up and down. She plays with her pussy at the same time, she is here to please him and herself at the same time. Next she puts her ass in the air and he fucks her doggie style, her favorite position. He fucks her until he wants to cum in her mouth. She gets down and slurps the cum right out of his cock. She blows some bubbles with it before she swallows it. She makes sure to suck his cock dry, not missing a drop.

Featuring: Gina
Categories: Blondes, POV Train

Video Length: 25 minute(s), 28 second(s)

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