Jade POV Video - Guy 4 (Tipsy)

Guy number 4 comes into the room and asks her what she wants to do, she said she will start undressing for him. She sits down and helps him undress. She lubes up his cock and plays a little with her big breasts. Jade starts to suck on his already hard cock, going up and down with her mouth and hand. She pulls off the rest of her clothes, lays down and he sticks his big hard cock inside her already fucked excited pussy. Next position is doggie style, she likes it from behind. She starts to suck his cock again until he pops into her mouth, she once again swallows. She continues to clean up his cock and pays special attention to his big head.

Featuring: Jade
Categories: POV Train

Video Length: 13 minute(s), 33 second(s)

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