Aleesa POV Video - Guy 1 (Gib)

Alessa is lounging on the couch in her sexy white summer dress as guy number 1 enters the room. They say hi to each other as she giggles. She shows off her tattoos, she lifts up her dress and he can't resist touching her nice ass. He assists her in pulling down her panties, then she pulls off her dress. He plays with her nice tits, pierced nipples and then makes his way down to her pierced pussy. She takes off his belt and unzips his jeans ready to suck his super hard cock. She gives him a wet juicy blowjob/handjob mix. He rubs and fingers her pussy at the same time. Alessa lays down on her back, she strokes his cock and he plays with her pussy more until she cums. She bends over and begs for his hard cock to go inside her, he fucks her doggie style which is one of her favorite positions. He wants his dick sucked again so she bends down on her knees and he fucks her pretty face. They get into a few different positions and he cums in her mouth, she swallows and giggles. She makes sure to clean off his cock, not missing a drop.

Featuring: Aleesa and the guys Gib
Categories: Blow Jobs, Busty, Deepthroat, POV Train, Redhead, Shaved

Video Length: 22 minute(s), 24 second(s)

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