Alexa POV Video - Guy 4(Gib)

Guy number 4 comes into the room, they shake hands and introduce themselves. He needs to see more. Alexa strips off her sexy dress and shows off her smoking hot body. He rubs her boobs and pinches her hard nipples, he also sucks on them. She strips off her panties, his jeans hit the floor and she starts to suck his hard cock. She blows him and then he wants to fuck her. She lays on her back, her legs spread nice and wide when his cock enters her pussy. He rubs her clit making sure to pleasure her. She rolls over on her side and he continues to fuck her. He lays down on his back, she jumps on his cock and fucks him. They switch into doggie position next. He is ready to cum so she gets down on her knees and sucks him until he pops into her mouth and of course she swallows.

Featuring: Alexa
Categories: Blow Jobs, Busty, Deepthroat, Fucking, Hand Jobs, POV Train, Redhead, Sex

Video Length: 12 minute(s), 28 second(s)

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