Kristina POV Video - Guy 3(Jonny)

Guy number 3 walks into the room and Kristina is ready to strip and get out his cock. She pulls off her shirt and goes to unzip his pants. She pulls down his boxers, spits on her hands and starts to stroke his cock. She puts it into her mouth and starts to suck his hard cock. She takes it deep and she chokes herself. She sucks while he jerks his cock for her. He likes that, he moans and groans and talks dirty to her. He tells her to jerk it off and suck at the same time. She continues to suck him off, but he starts to stroke his cock. He guides it by her mouth and jerks until he pops into her mouth. She takes his cum, he wants to see it. She spits out her tongue and then swallows his load.

Featuring: Kristina
Categories: Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Petite, POV Train

Video Length: 11 minute(s), 7 second(s)

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