Laura POV - Guy 3(Gib)

Guy number 3 walks into the room and they introduce themselves. She giggles and says "sorry for the wait!" He comments back "that ok because I moved up from guy number 5 to guy number 3"! Needless to say he was super excited it was his turn. It was his turn to have his way with Laura. He wants to get down to business with the sexy and horny Laura! He pulls down her dress and plays with her nice tits, he rubs and squeezes her hard nipples. She pulls off her dress completely and she stands in her sexy black thong panties. He squeezes her nice big ass and can't resist touching her awesome tits again. He asks her what her limitations are and she says she is up for anything except anal. She asks him to help pull off her panties and of course he does. He reaches over and rubs her sweet pussy. She gets down and takes off his shorts, she finds a nice hard cock waiting for her. She takes her tongue and rubs it all over his cock, then takes it deep inside her warm mouth. As she blows him he plays with her gorgeous breasts. He says he has a big load waiting for her. She turns around and sticks her ass up in the air, he rubs her excited clit and pussy. He guides her head back on to his cock and she continues to stroke and suck him. They want to fuck, she puts her ass in the air and he inserts his hard cock into her wet pussy and fucks her doggie style. Once he is ready to cum, she gets back down and sucks his cock until he explodes his hot semen into her pretty mouth. She swallows his load and makes sure to clean his cock off making sure to not miss a drop. A little bit spilled on the bed so Laura makes sure to lick the bed clean. Only a true cum lover would do that.

Featuring: Laura
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Video Length: 11 minute(s), 47 second(s)

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