Laura POV - Guy 4(Dicky)

Guy number 4 enters the room, Laura is smiling sitting on the bed. They introduce themselves and he tells her how great she looks. He wants to see whats under her pretty summer dress. She stands up and her dress drops to the floor. She models her sexy curvy body in her black thong panties, she turns around and shows her nice ass. He reaches over to feel her all gorgeous natural tits. She giggles and says that his hands are cold. Her nipples are rock hard already. Next he reaches over to rub and slap her big round ass. He reaches around and feels her soaking wet pussy. She helps pull off his jeans and boxer shorts. She sticks out her tongue and licks his soft cock all over, she takes it deep inside her mouth and starts to suck. He pushes her head into his cock, she plays with his balls until he gets hard for her. She gets on the couch and sticks her ass high in the air, he plays with her pretty little pussy. He fingers her fast, she moans and groans. He inserts his cock and fucks her doggie style. He wants her to suck his dick again, so of course she does. She lays on her back and he fucks her deep and hard. She blows him again, then he lays on his back and she gives him a hand-job, stroking his cock up and down. Her mouth wraps around him and she continues to please him.

Featuring: Laura
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Video Length: 23 minute(s)

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