Tiffany POV - Guy 2(Gib)

Guy number 2 walks into the room and shakes hands with Tiffany. He is loving how big her tits are, he reaches over and touches them, but would prefer to see them out of her dress. She pulls down her dress and takes off her bra giving him easier access to her huge natural tits. He plays with them and asks her what she is into, she says everything and giggles. She sits with her legs spread, he reaches down and rubs her pussy through her sexy panties. He feels her wetness. She is excited, she moans and groans as he plays with her pussy. She grabs her big breasts and plays with them. She reaches down to pull his pants off and he is hard for her. Tiffany loves cock and giving blowjobs, it totally turns her on. She takes his cock deep into her mouth and sucks, she uses her hand to stroke it at the same time. She lays on her back and he uses his cock head to rub her clit until she cums. She sticks her ass up into the air and he fucks her from behind. She gets back down to blow him again, he fucks her face good. He lays on his back and she strokes and sucks him until he explodes his man juice right into her mouth. He asks her if he can see his cum, she opens her pretty mouth and shows him. Then Tiffany swallows, but continues to suck him off until she gets out every last drop.

Featuring: Tiffany
Categories: Anal Play, Blow Jobs, Busty, Deepthroat, Fucking, Hand Jobs, POV Train, Redhead, Sex, Shaved

Video Length: 14 minute(s), 54 second(s)

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