Nikki POV - Guy 4(Brad)

Lucky guy #4 gets to meet Nikki, he walks into the room and they shake hands. She says she is 24 years old and started young. She is a wild girl that loves to be naughty! She shows off her sexy summer outfit and tight body. She pulls down her shorts, turns around and he slaps her ass hard. She giggles, pulls off her shirt and bra. He reaches over and pinches her hard nipples, she says his cold hands feel good. He wants her to bend over, pull down her panties and show her nice ass. He fondles her perky tits and she helps him strip off his pants. She sticks his dick in her mouth and starts to suck. He grows big for her as he fucks her pretty face. She licks his cock up and down and also plays with his balls. He slaps her tongue with his hard cock. She continues to stroke and suck his cock until they decide it's time to fuck. She bends over, he touches her pussy and then she guides his cock into her wet hole. He fucks her doggie style, then bends her leg back and fucks her sideways. He tells her what a pretty pussy she has. When he is ready to cum, she takes his cock into her mouth and he pops his load on to her tongue. She enjoys yet another cum load. She kisses his cock and says how much fun she had.

Featuring: Nikki
Categories: Blow Jobs, Brunettes, Deepthroat, Hand Jobs, POV Train, Sex, Shaved

Video Length: 12 minute(s), 12 second(s)

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