Eden POV - Guy 5(The Colonel)

Guy number 5 walks into the room and Eden smiles and says did we save the best for last? They both laugh and introduce themselves. He wants to see more of her, she pulls up her dress with no panties and he reaches over and feels her sweet ass. She slaps it and says he has a nice touch. She pulls off her dress, crawls naked on the bed and says she wants to see his cock. She starts kissing and licking his chest, making way down his stomach. She plays with his cock through his pants wondering what it looks like, what it tastes like. She unzips his pants, pulls them down and finds a hard cock. She slaps his rock hard dick on her tongue then takes it into her mouth and sucks. She loves to deepthroat and lick his head. She spits on it and sucks it hard and deep until she gags herself over and over. She puts her ass up in the air and he finger fucks her. She licks her pussy juice off his fingers. She helps guide his cock into her excited pussy, he fucks her bareback from behind. She gives him another juicy blowjob/handjob mix. She loves to lick his nipples. He lays down and she jumps on his dick for another round of fucking. She squirts on his cock, but continues to ride him. When he is ready to cum, she gives him more mouth, hands, tongue and lip love until he explodes his huge load into her mouth. She sucks him dry, kisses his cock head and shows it to him before she swallows.

Featuring: Eden
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Video Length: 15 minute(s), 28 second(s)

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