Alischa POV - Guy 5 (The Colonel)

Guy number 5 meets Alisha, they shake hands and introduce themselves. They have some small talk then she stands up and models her curvy figure. He reaches over and feels her nice ass in her tight dress. She reaches over and feels his cock on the outside of his pants. They stand and feel each others bodies. She reaches over, unzips his pants and pulls his hard cock out. She strokes it up and down. She pleasures his penis by sucking it deep and licking it all over. His pants fall to the ground and she continues to blow him. He plays with her boobs as she sucks him deep. She rolls over on her back and sucks his balls, he fingers her wet pussy. His cock makes way deep inside her soaking pussy bareback. Next he fucks her from behind, he grabs her ass and fucks her deep and hard. He rolls over on his back and she jumps on his dick, riding him up and down. She sucks and jerks him until he explodes on to her tongue, giving her a big load to swallow.

Featuring: Alischa
Categories: Blow Jobs, Busty, Deepthroat, Fucking, POV Train, Redhead, Sex

Video Length: 14 minute(s)

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