Chandler POV - Guy 2 (Max)

Guy number 2 walks into the room, meets the smiling Chandler. They shake hands and talk a bit. She talks about how she likes to lift weights and sing. He tells her she has a cute little body, she should stand up and show it. She stands up, pulls off her top and lifts up her skirt. He reaches over to feel her booty and even slaps it. She bends down and pulls off his pants. She takes his cock and strokes it, then into her mouth all the way down. She licks his balls and he grows hard for her. As she blows him, she looks up at him and shows off her pretty eyes. She takes her time on his dick, she sucks and licks every inch of it. She stands up, pulls off her bra and he reaches over and fondles her nice tits. Next her skirt drops to the floor, she sits down and spreads her pussy. She rubs and fingers it for him. He puts his rock hard cock into her mouth again and she blows him. She also strokes his cock and sucks his balls at the same time. She rolls over and he starts to fuck her doggie style. He wants his cock inside her mouth again, she gets down and finishes him off with a blowjob/handjob until he pops on to her tongue. She shows it and then swallows. She gets dressed again and ready for guy number 3!

Featuring: Chandler
Categories: Blow Jobs, Deepthroat, Fucking, Hand Jobs, POV Train, Redhead, Sex, Shaved

Video Length: 16 minute(s), 12 second(s)

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