Melissa POV - Guy 1 (Brad)

It's Melissa's birthday and boy is she in for a lot of naughty presents today! How many girls say they get to suck and fuck 5 guys in a row? Not many I would imagine. Guy number 1 walks into the room, she smiles and they introduce themselves. She tells him she wants some really rough sex for her special bday. He says she has on too many clothes. She takes off her scarf, shoes, tight black pants, sweater and stands in her bra and panties. He reaches over with his cold hands and fondles her nice titties. She takes off her bras and he pinches her hard nipples. She pulls off her thong panties, sits down and pulls off his shorts and boxer shorts. She says she is excited for this present. She takes his cock into her mouth and starts to suck, warming him up. He grows hard and big for her. She lays on the bed and spreads her ass cheeks apart. He reaches over and rubs her pussy, then inserts his finger into her soaking wet pussy. He inserts his cock and fucks her doggie style. She wants him to fuck her harder, deeper and faster. He slaps her nice ass as she moans and groans. She rolls over on her side and he continues to fuck her good. She tells him how good it feels as she plays with her bouncing tits. When he is ready to cum, he pulls out and squirts her stomach and chest with his warm semen.

Featuring: Melissa
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Video Length: 17 minute(s), 26 second(s)

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