Melissa POV - Guy 3 (Bruce)

Guy number 3 meets Melissa, she smiles and they shake hands. She tells him that she is turning 24 today and very much enjoying her birthday presents so far. She stands up and shows her ass, telling him everyone agrees that it's her best feature. She takes off her scarf and pulls down her pants. She bends over and he grabs her nice ass. She pulls off her bra next and of course he has to reach over to feel her soft boobs and hard nipples. Her panties drop to the floor next, she stands naked and asks him if he is ready. She lays down, spreads her legs and he reaches over to feel her pussy. He tells her how pretty it is. He spreads her lips open and inserts a finger. You can hear how wet she is. He starts to finger fuck her really fast and deep. She sits up and takes off his jeans and boxer shorts. She wastes no time putting his cock into her mouth and sucking. She plays with his head and then takes him deep inside her warm mouth. She lays on the bed and he inserts his cock into her excited pussy, he fucks her bareback. Her little titties bounce around as she moans and groans. He lays down on his back, she sits on him, then strokes his cock. Jerking it back and forth until she slides it in. She rides him back and forth, up and down. She turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl. She teases him with her ass, he likes to slap it. When he is ready to cum, he pulls out and cums all over her nice booty. Guy number 3 happy and satisfied. Melissa gets ready for 2 more birthday presents from 2 more strangers.

Featuring: Melissa
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Video Length: 19 minute(s), 12 second(s)

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