Lexi POV Wars HD Video 2

Ask and you shall receive! Lexi is a favorite at our PovWars so we decided to invite her back for you guys. She talks about how it's been awhile that she has been fucked, especially off camera. Looks like she is in for a special treat today with our 5 guys. She starts to warm up her pussy, she pulls up her dress and enjoys the purple vibrator on her pretty pussy. She lays down on the bed, spreads her legs and goes into ecstasy land when guy number 1 walks in the room. She pulls off her dress and bra, time to get naked for him. She plays with her nice big boobs and hard nipples, then reaches down. He tells her how gorgeous she is and then fingers her wet little pussy. He grabs her tits then she helps him pull off his pants. She takes his hard thick cock into her mouth, she licks it up and down. He wants her to stand up and push against the wall. She tells him how tight her pussy is going to be because she hasn't been fucked in awhile. He inserts his cock into her pussy and fucks her standing up. He lays down on the bed and she jumps on his dick, riding him up and down, back and forth. He popped in the condom, she gives him a little suck and then waits for the next guy. He calls in guy 2 and hands the camera over to him. He walks in and she tells him how much fun she is having. He loves her pussy, she tells him it is nice and wet for him. He rubs her legs as she plays with herself. He introduces himself and she helps pull off his pants. She takes his cock and starts to please him. He tells her how pretty she is as she looks up at him pov style. She lays on her back, she continues to suck his cock and he plays with her pretty pussy and clitoris. She bends back and he fucks her deep and fast, he also plays with her clit. He lays on his back and she guides his big hard cock inside her pussy. She rides him up and down, back and forth. She then rides him reverse cowgirl, he loves watching her butt bounce. Next position he fucks her doggie style. When he is ready to cum, he pulls out and and he blasts it in her mouth and all over her gorgeous face. He feeds her the last squirt. He says she is ready for more, she says YES she is. He hands the camera over to guy 3 and she teases him on the bed with her legs spread open wide. She crawls over to him and starts to suck his already hard dick. He gets hard and horny for her, he bends her over and fucks her deep and fast from behind. He lays on his back and she rides him up and down. She turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl, he spreads her ass cheeks apart and love watching her ass bounce. He squeezes her ass and guides her up and down on his cock. He wants to fuck her big titties, so she guides his cock through her big boobs. She grabs and plays with his balls as she jerks off until he pops his big cum load right into her pretty mouth. She licks it off her face as guy 4 walks into the room. She says she is messy and having a lot of fun. They waste no time, he wants his dick sucked. She takes him deep into her mouth and he grows for her. She lays down on the bed, spreads her legs wide and he finger fucks her soaking wet pussy. She guides his cock into her and he fucks her slow. He wants her to suck him off some more, so he pulls out and she wraps her lips around him. She bends over on the bed and plays with herself. He starts to fuck her from behind, but then wants to see her stand against the wall and continue to touch herself. He inserts his finger once again, she likes that. She lays on her back with her knees up on his chest and he fucks her fast and deep on the bed until he cums all over her pussy. She thanks him, he hands the camera over to guy 5. He comes in the room and tells her how incredibly hot she is. She giggles and tells him how covered in cum she is. She pulls down his pants and is excited to find a big thick cock waiting for her. She takes him into her mouth and tries to deepthroat him, but says it is just too big. She spreads her legs, spreads her pussy wide open per his request. She lays on her back and he inserts his dick into her tight pussy. He tells her to open her legs all the way. He lays on his back, she jumps on him riding him up and down, back and forth. She turns around and rides him reverse cowgirl as he spreads her ass open. She gives him another blowjob then wants to fuck her doggie style, slow and deep. When he is ready to cum he pulls out and cums all over her tight little asshole. He takes the cum and pushes it inside her asshole.

Featuring: Lexi
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Video Length: 56 minute(s), 30 second(s)

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